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About Us

About Navajo CDFI


Navajo CDFI uses capital investment to promote community development and economic growth in the Navajo Nation.

NCDFI’s vision is to develop a financial infrastructure across Navajo Nation that utilizes our core values and traditions in powering economic development and fiscal growth. We strive to be a financial catalyst to strengthen and support the Navajo Nation private sector in creating a strong small business economy.

Utilizing our flexibility and expertise, we partner with tribal enterprises and governmental entities to create jobs, opportunities, and services to improve the quality of life for Navajo Communities.


Dollars Invested


Businesses Impacted


Loans Available

NCDFI provides low cost capital to individuals, businesses
and communities via loan products.

ncdfi’s Mission

NCDFI’s mission is to provide financial products to individuals, businesses, and communities, to build a strong economy based on individual initiative, entrepreneurial creativity, and traditional community values.

Our Values

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Community Dedicated

All of our investment is focused on building a vibrant, economic engine for the individuals and businesses in our community that will bring jobs, opportunities, and economic development to Navajo Nation.

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Entrepreneurially Focused

At NCDFI we want to encourage the entrepreneurial creativity that inherently brings more opportunity to more people on Navajo Nation. We invest in individuals and businesses with great ideas and initiative.

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Financially Driven

Our goal is to be an financial catalyst for small businesses across Navajo Nation, providing capital so that they can create, develop, and grow their companies and improve the economic infrastructure in our community.

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Traditionally Established

We are proud of our Navajo heritage and believe in traditional values that promote and protect the Navajo Nation and its economic interests.


Know Our History & Who We Are

Developed and adopted a Strategic Plan for long-term growth opportunities.


Ncdfi Creation

Made over $283,000 in small business, business, and microenterprise loans across Navajo Nation.


Ncdfi Creation

Made over $20M in loans and capital investments to business and communities in Navajo Nation.


Ncdfi Creation